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Shoppers can breathe easy

Tuesday 3 April, 2001

More employees and members of the public will be protected from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke under new laws.

Quit Victoria's Executive Director Todd Harper says the news that smoking will be banned in shopping centres is a further step towards smokefree public places.

""There’s overwhelming public support in Victoria for smokefree shopping, and I welcome the Government’s approach.""

""Research released in February shows 81% of Victorians want a total ban on smoking in shopping centres.""

""It’s clear that Victorians want to shop in a smokefree environment, and I’d encourage any shopping centre that is not already smokefree to take heed of that support and implement smoking restrictions immediately.""

""The bans on smoking in shopping centres are an important step towards further restrictions, which we would hope will include all workplaces in the future.""

Mr Harper says new measures banning the sale of single cigarette, mobile cigarette retailing or 'cigarette girls’, and the use of free gifts with cigarettes, are an important move to reduce tobacco marketing aimed at young people.

""The tobacco industry has continued to look for ways to exploit loopholes in legislation, and we welcome the Government’s action to outlaw these disgraceful marketing practices in Victoria.""


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Zoe Furman
Media Communications Manager
Quit Victoria

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