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Quit Victoria urges Victorian retailers to follow lead of Coles Myer


In a move applauded as a national first, Coles Myer has moved tobacco displays out of sight in all of its supermarkets across Tasmania.

Quit Victoria, has welcomed the action and encouraged retailers in Victoria to follow the lead of the supermarket giant.

Executive Director, Mr Todd Harper, said by removing the display of tobacco products from its supermarkets, Coles Myer was helping to shut down one of the last bastions of promotion for the tobacco industry.

""As one of the last avenues for tobacco promotion, point of sale displays are extremely important for the tobacco industry especially when it comes to recruiting new, often younger smokers.""

“By giving tobacco pride of place among everyday items such as confectionary or magazines, we almost encourage the idea that cigarettes are “normal” products, when in reality they kill up to 2 out of 3 lifetime users,” said Mr Harper.

Mr Harper said one of the benefits of putting tobacco products out of sight is helping people who have just quit avoid a relapse.

“By eliminating the visible presence of cigarettes at point of sale, Coles Myer is helping people who are trying to quit, and assisting former smokers to stay quit by removing what might be strong influence.”

“I would strongly urge a all retailers in Victoria to follow the example of Coles Myer in Tasmania, and take this next important step in reducing public exposure to the point of sale marketing tactics of the tobacco industry.”


Edwina Vellar,
Media Manager
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