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Smokers at higher risk of under-performing this Valentine’s day


Male smokers looking forward to showing their loved ones a good time in the bedroom on Valentine's day are at greater risk of erectile dysfunction than their non-smoking counterparts.

Research shows smokers who smoke:

  • 20 cigarettes or less a day are 24% more likely to report having experienced erectile problems than non-smokers.
  • more than 20 cigarettes a day are 40% more likely to report having had erectile difficulties than non-smokers.

Quit Executive Director Fiona Sharkie said the little-known side effect of smoking may give male smokers extra motivation to quit this coming Monday February 14.

"As well as flowers and chocolates this Valentine's day, and give your loved one the meaningful gift of quitting smoking for good."

"We know that men who smoke are more likely to have problems getting or maintaining an erection. This can cause awkwardness at anytime - but especially on a special occasion like Valentine's Day."

"Erectile dysfunction is just one of the bad effects smoking can have on your body. Smoking greatly increases your chance of potentially deadly illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and many different types of cancer."

"By quitting now you will have greater chance of being able to experience a life with your partner without being affected by smoking-caused illness, and also a better chance of preventing or recovering from problems in the bedroom."

Researchers believe the nicotine in tobacco smoke causes erectile dysfunction, as it reduces blood flow to the penis and causes long-term damage to the blood vessels within erectile tissue.


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