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Tobacco reforms a step towards better health for Victorians


The announcement today that all Victorians bars and clubs will be smokefree by July 2007 will protect the community from the health risks of passive smoking and a help young people to remain non-smokers, according to Quit Victoria.

Executive Director of Quit, Todd Harper, welcomed the State Government's promise that from July 2007 smoking in all Victorian bars and clubs would be banned as an investment in the quality of life of future generations

""Ensuring pubs and clubs are smokefree means young people are less inclined to start smoking. “

“Every year smoking kills 4700 people in this state alone. Creating environments that help people quit smoking, as opposed to helping them start, will translate to tremendous health benefits across the board.""

Referring to a 2002 study revealing 70% of 'social’ smokers smoke or  binge smoke’ when they’re out in bars and clubs, Mr Harper said the Government’s tobacco reforms are likely to mean a reduction in smoking rates amongst young people.

“Research tells us the young people are six times more likely to binge smoke in bars and clubs. By making bars and clubs smokefree the likelihood of young social smokers becoming regular, addicted smokers has decreased significantly,” said Mr Harper.

“The evidence of the harmful health effects of passive smoking is irrefutable, as is the huge wave of community support for smokefree legislation.”

“Support for smokefree bars and clubs, amongst both non-smokers and smokers, is at an all time high so it is fantastic to see the Government moving in line with the wishes of Victorians.”

Mr Harper brought attention to a recent study from the Cancer Council of Victoria that illustrated 28% of smokers are somewhat or very likely to quit if smoking is banned in pubs and clubs.

“The ban of smoking in bars and clubs will no doubt create an environment that will help smokers quit, as well as protecting patrons and workers from environmental tobacco smoke.”


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