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Quit slams Imperial Tobacco for introducing free gift with a tobacco purchase


Quit has criticised Imperial Tobacco for flouting laws that ban free gifts with the sale of a tobacco product.

Imperial Tobacco has introduced a jumbo twin-pack of Horizon cigarettes contained in a complimentary cigarette tin, featuring tobacco advertising on the inside of the tin.

Acting Director of Quit, Ms Suzie Stillman said the purple Horizon Tin, which looks similar to a box of chocolates, is clearly a promotion aimed at enticing more people to purchase the product.

"We have serious concerns because this not only appears to be a free gift to those buying the product, but also the offer of the cigarette tin encourages the purchase of a large quantity of cigarettes in one hit."

"Unfortunately it seems as though Imperial are even willing to defy current tobacco legislation to lure customers to their deadly products."

Ms Stillman said the tin was also providing Imperial will a blank canvas on which to advertise their cigarette brands.

"The interior of the tin is full of images glamourising smoking and text praising the so-called taste, quality and popularity of the product."

"Unfortunately this is the latest in a long line of devious methods and gimmicks devised by the tobacco industry to advertise their hazardous product and get around Victoria's tobacco advertising restrictions."

Quit has called for Imperial's twin-pack of cigarettes with the complimentary tin to be immediately withdrawn from sale, and further action to be investigated.

According to Victorian Tobacco Act:

A person must not, in connection with the sale of a tobacco product or for the purpose of promoting the sale of a tobacco product - supply to the purchaser or any other person - any non-tobacco product or other benefit (whether or not a separate charge is made for that product or benefit).


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Media Manager
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