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Quit welcomes plans to ditch fruit flavoured cigarettes.


An ACT move to ban fruit flavoured cigarettes has been applauded by Quit as an important step in closing down sly tobacco industry strategies to recruit young female smokers.

Executive Director of Quit, Mr Todd Harper, said by preventing the sale of fruit flavoured cigarettes the idea that these products are somehow innocuous would be dismantled.

""These cigarettes are flavoured with orange, strawberry, apple and lemon giving them a fruity confectionary feel and implying that the product is not harmful, or is less harmful to health.""

“The packs themselves look more like fashion accessories than cigarettes, and the last thing we should be promoting is the idea that smoking is some kind of cute accessory to a teenage lifestyle.”

Mr Harper said recent discussions Quit has had with smokers highlighted that fruit flavoured cigarettes and their funky, pastel packaging are popular amongst teenage girls.

“There is a real concern that promotion of these packs with their colourful designs will project an image of fun and glamour that undermines the reality of the harms and addictiveness of smoking.”

“That these cigarettes are so clearly packaged and promoted in an attempt to lure young female smokers is incredibly disturbing considering that up to 2 out 3 lifetime smokers will end up dying of a smoking caused disease.”

Mr Harper said laws should be amended to ensure the packaging and promotion used for these recently introduced fruit flavoured products is prohibited.

“We need a comprehensive approach that will see an end to the use of cigarette packaging to glamourise smoking, or make smoking particular tobacco products appear attractive or cool.”

Mr Harper said the ban should cover the use of colours, descriptors and reference to flavours on cigarette packaging.

Quit has examples of the fruit flavoured cigarettes available for media photographs and use in vox pops.


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Media Manager
ph: (03) 9635 5400
mob: 0417 303 811

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