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Big tobacco out to protect big profits

Tuesday 17 May, 2011

Quit today expressed disgust at the tobacco industry's continued deceitful attempts to try and undermine plain packaging.

Quit Executive Director Fiona Sharkie said the scare tactics had been concocted by an industry running scared over a potential loss of profits.

"There's one reason and one reason alone the tobacco industry and BAT are fighting so hard against plain packaging. As other forms of tobacco advertising have been banned, cigarette packaging has become the most important marketing vehicle the companies have to attract potential smokers - and potential profits."

"Research shows putting cigarettes in plain packs will reduce the appeal of smoking to young people, reduce deception about the harmfulness of cigarettes and strengthen the impact of graphic health warnings."

"Plain packaging is an important measure to help bring down smoking rates, and to save some of the 15 thousand lives lost every year in Australia to smoking."

Ms Sharkie said big tobacco's bully-boy tactics were solely aimed at scaring the Australian public.

"The tobacco industry haven't won these battles in the past, and they won't be winning this time either."

"The Australian government has said it remains committed to stopping these companies from promoting their deadly products through packaging. It's is well aware of the lengths the industry will go to, and will act accordingly to counter them."

Jessica Longbottom,
Media Coordinator
ph: (03) 9635 5498
mob: 0421 155 028


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