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‘Kiddie’ cigarette packs withdrawn from sale, following ACCC action


British American Tobacco has been forced to withdraw its controversial ‘kiddie' share packs from sale, following ACCC action in response to complaints made by Quit Victoria and other health groups.

Executive Director of Quit, Mr Todd Harper, said today's result was positive given the packs were clearly a deliberate attempt to weaken graphic health warnings, and introduce ‘split packs' that could be attractive to younger consumers.

Mr Harper said the ACCC should prosecute British American Tobacco to make certain the tobacco industry understands that serious breaches of the Trade Practices Act would not be tolerated.

"The worrying introduction of these ‘kiddie' packs is not a matter that should be dealt with lightly, indeed British American Tobacco should be made fully accountable for what appears to be a flagrant attempt to circumvent the rules on graphic health warnings."

"Cigarettes are an addictive product that will eventually kill up to 2 out of 3 lifetime users - any tobacco industry packaging gimmick to downplay the importance of the health consequences of smoking should be carefully examined and acted on."

Earlier this week Parliamentary Secretary of Health, Christopher Pyne, encouraged the ACCC to use the full force of the law to ensure that tobacco companies complied with the Trade Practices Act.


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Media Manager
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