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New data shows Victorians want tobacco displays out of sight


Almost 80% of Victorians support a ban of cigarette displays in stores, according to new data* from The Cancer Council Victoria.

Results of a study looking at public opinion about point-of-sale tobacco displays in Victoria have also shown that around 7 in 10 smokers approve of banning cigarette displays in stores.

Of those that supported the ban on point-of-sale displays, over 70% stated the bans should be implemented immediately.

Director of The Cancer Council Victoria, Professor David Hill, said that as restrictions on more traditional forms of marketing are tightened, point-of-sale tobacco displays in stores have become the cornerstone of tobacco industry promotion.

"The powerwalls of cigarette displays at point-of-sale are an essential avenue for tobacco companies to target new customers and communicate brand imagery."

"Walk into any shop selling cigarettes and you will notice how the different brands are clustered together in colourful displays."

"The way the tobacco industry encourages marketing through point-of-sale is particularly offensive considering these tobacco powerwalls are usually placed near items purchased mostly by children, like confectionary and novelties."

The data also revealed that when reminded of the proximity of cigarette displays and children's items, one third of those who originally disagreed with banning displays changed their mind to approve of the bans.

"Although tobacco is responsible for the most preventable deaths in Australia, it is still the item you can most easily locate in shops."

"Unfortunately the presence of cigarettes on display in stores, near everyday items like milk and bread, undermines the deadly health consequences of smoking for young people."

"Removing point-of-sale cigarette displays from sight will help eliminate the perception that cigarette smoking is the norm in our society, and may help to curb the alarming rate of young people taking up smoking."

* Germain D. Public opinion about point-of-sale tobacco displays in Victoria. CBRC Research Paper Series. Melbourne, Australia: Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer, The Cancer Council Victoria.



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