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Ban on sales and advertising of cigarettes over the Internet investigated


Sales and advertising of cigarettes over the Internet in Australia will soon be a thing of the past. 

It was announced earlier today that the Commonwealth and State Governments would investigate measures to ban Internet sales and marketing of cigarettes.

Quit Victoria has commended these new efforts to create a ban on online sales and advertising of tobacco products, labelling the practice as a backdoor method of tobacco marketing.

Executive Director of Quit Victoria, Mr Todd Harper, said the State and Federal Government commitment to examine laws relating to online tobacco sales and advertising, was a positive move that would protect young people from exposure to tobacco advertising messages.

""Strong laws to prevent the marketing of tobacco products already exist, but we must ensure this good work is not undermined by any loopholes that allow the internet to become a new stronghold of tobacco marketing,"" said Mr Harper.

“Today's announcement is very encouraging because it means that all Governments acknowledge that it’s time to bring the legislation into the modern age, and keep up with contemporary sales and marketing techniques.” 

Mr Harper said the recent furore around a Victorian Internet site selling cheap cigarettes had illustrated the need for tighter legislation in this area.

“Young people are both Internet savvy and cost conscious, making them vulnerable to Internet sites that offer cheap cigarettes and a more cavalier enforcement of age restrictions.”

“Firm action must be taken to guarantee that any loophole permitting the devious practise of marketing cigarettes online is closed up as soon as possible.”


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Media Manager
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