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Smokers urged to plan for a quit date a fortnight after New Year’s Day


With the start of 2007 just around the corner, Quit is encouraging smokers to make the resolution to quit smoking on New Years' Eve and then set an actual Quit date for two weeks later.

Quitline Manager, Mr Ian Ferretter, said making your Quit date two weeks into the New Year is often more realistic and can give you time to plan, however it is very important not to put it off for too long.

"Planning to quit can help you understand why you smoke and set up some quitting strategies. This important preparation can sometimes get lost in the busy weeks leading up to New Year."

"We urge smokers to put quitting at the top of the New Year resolutions list and then plan a ‘Quit date', perhaps to coincide with returning to work."

"We know the majority of smokers want to quit, and that more smokers aim to quit at New Year than any other time," he says.

"To be successful, smokers must want to quit, and if smokers seek additional support such as the free advice offered through the Quitline their chances of quitting successfully are increased."

The Quitline anticipates receiving over 5000 calls from people who want to quit smoking in the holiday season, with a further 50 000 people expected to log onto www.quit.org.au to find out how to begin the New Year smokefree.

The Quitline will be answering calls on 13 QUIT (13 7848) throughout the holiday season to ensure help is on hand to provide free support and guidance to all those smokers who want to start fresh and make this New Year smokefree.

Quit tips to make your environment ‘quitting friendly'

  • Make your home and car smokefree. If that's not possible, have at least one smokefree area for yourself
  • Make it harder for yourself to get cigarettes
  • Ask others not to smoke around you
  • Use a place you are not allowed to smoke as ‘protection' until the craving passes
  • Feel okay about avoiding situations that will be tough while cravings are still intense and frequent.


Edwina Vellar,
Media Manager
ph: (03) 9635 5400
mob: 0417 303 811

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