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WNTD Pack 2002


Don't run out of puff on World No Tobacco Day

Quit is urging smokers who don’t want to run out of puff to think about quitting on World No Tobacco Day, May 31. And to help those who want to give it a go, Quit has developed a free World No Tobacco Day Quit pack which includes a range of resources and materials to help smokers quit for good.

Quit Executive Director Todd Harper says this year’s theme - Quit and be fit – is a great opportunity to remind smokers that quitting will help them feel fitter and better. To tie in with the theme and help smokers 'Quit and be fit’ this year’s World No Tobacco Day Quit pack also includes a gym voucher to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, and other items to help smokers stay quit for good.

Mr Harper says smoking reduces your ability to participate in sports and physical activity in a number of ways.

'Smoking will affect your fitness and general wellbeing, no matter what your fitness level is.'

'Poisons from cigarettes like carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar make your heart work harder and reduce the amount of oxygen being transferred to the blood and muscles. And the build up of tar in a smoker’s lungs results in less air being breathed in and out.'

Co-Captain of Melbourne Phoenix netball team, Liz Boniello, agrees that whether you’re serious about sport, or just want to get the most out of life, smokefree is the only way to go.

'To be your best, at any level, you need to be smokefree.'

'So whether you enjoy a game of football, hit of tennis, a game of golf, or simply a stroll around the park, quitting smoking will help you enjoy these activities more. You’ll have more puff to enjoy life!'

Mr Harper says World No Tobacco Day is a popular time for smokers to think about quitting, and each year many thousands of Victorian smokers try to quit on May 31.

'Setting a date to quit is an important part of a successful quit attempt, and I’d encourage any smoker thinking of quitting to call the Quitline and get a free World No Tobacco Day Quit pack.'

'This year’s World No Tobacco Day Quit pack includes a calendar that sticks on to your computer and includes quit tips – which is a great tool to help smokers get quitting on their agenda.

'No matter how long you’ve been smoking, when you quit, you’ll feel the benefits straight away as your body starts to repair itself.'

The free World No Tobacco Day  Quit and be fit’ pack is available by calling the Quitline on 131 848.

Facts on smoking in Victoria

  • there are almost 750,000 adult smokers in Victoria
  • 23% of adult Victorian men and 18% of women are regular smokers
  • 75% of adult Victorian smokers have tried to quit, and it’s estimated about 2000 smokers try to quit every day in Victoria
  • smoking kills 13 Victorians every day; across Australia, about 50 people die every day from a smoking related illness.
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