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Where there’s a Will & there’s a way to quit for New Year


For the thousands of smokers who are planning to make quitting their number one resolution for 2003, this year the Will Power they need is only a click away. To help smokers who want to quit for New Year, Quit have developed a fun interactive character - aptly dubbed Will Power.

Quit Victoria’s Deputy Director Suzie Stillman says Will Power can be downloaded free from Quit’s website, and once saved onto a computer desktop, he acts like a personal quit coach.

'New Year is a very popular time for smokers to think about quitting, and this year, smokers can be guided through their quit attempt by our fun, interactive new character.'

'Will Power is the first online resource we’ve developed to help smokers who want to quit, and he will add to the services already available to smokers through our Quitline phone service.'

Ms Stillman says Will Power lives on your computer desktop and can be completely customised - he’ll ask your name, find out where you are in the quitting process, and talk you through your quit attempt – literally!

'Will can also help you set a date to quit, and importantly, count down the days to your Quit attempt and help you stay on track. And of course, he has tips to help handle cravings and lots of other useful advice,' Ms Stillman says.

Will can also take you to the Quit website and read text out loud from it, help smokers order a free New Year Quit Pack or give them the Quitline number.

Ms Stillman says as well as being a helpful quitting tool, Will Power has a host of antics to keep you entertained – like weight lifting, playing soccer, eating carrots, and taking x-rays of himself.

'Planning is an important part of any quit attempt, so I’d urge smokers who are thinking of quitting to download Will Power and set their quit date now.'

Ms Stillman says Quitline advisers will also be on hand in the lead up to New Year to help smokers who are thinking of quitting.

Will Power can be downloaded free from Quit’s website at www.quit.org.au A free New Year Quit pack is available by calling the Quitline on 131 848.


Quit Victoria’s tips for a successful quit attempt

  • Call the Quitline on 131 848 and ask for a free New Year’s Quit Pack, or speak to an advisor about your quit attempt
  • A key part of a successful quit attempt is planning – so start planning now by setting a quit date
  • Motivation is important
  • Set a date to quit – it’s important to have a goal to work towards
  • Get your friends and family to support you
  • Some facts about smoking in Victoria

    • There are about 820,000 smokers aged 18 and over in Victoria
    • Around 3.2 million Australian adults are smokers
    • Around one in five adults are smokers
    • About 150,000 smokers quit each year in Australia
    • About three quarters of smokers have tried to quit at least once
    • Further information:

      Further information:
      Zoe Furman, Media Communications Manager

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