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July 1st - A great day to quit


Quit is urging Victorian smokers to use the cigarette price rise that will result from the introduction of the GST as an incentive to quit smoking.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission estimates that cigarette prices will rise by about 8 % under the GST.

This would increase the cost of a packet of 30's from around $8.50 to $9, and Quit says the rise is a good incentive for smokers to make July 1 a quit date.

Executive Director Todd Harper says he hopes the price rise will encourage adult smokers to quit and could discourage young people from smoking.

'Cigarette price rises have been shown to have an effect on the numbers of people deciding to quit, especially in the case of children and young adults.'

'It's been estimated that a 10% increase in the costs of a packet of cigarettes reduces demand for cigarettes by 4.7% for the overall population, but 14% in children and young adults.'

'When the GST kicks in on July 1 it will give smokers a great reason to quit. They'll not only be saving their money, they could also be saving their life.'

'Smokers who give up a 30 cigarette-a-day habit will not only save about $3000 a year, but they'll also enjoy major long term and immediate health benefits.'

Mr Harper says people who would like free advice and support on how to quit smoking can call the Quitline on 131 848.


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Zoe Furman
Media Communications Manager
Quit Victoria

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