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Victorian dining enters a new era


Quit has urged Victorians to celebrate Sunday's milestone smokefree legislation.

Executive Director Todd Harper today congratulated Health Minister John Thwaites and Victoria’s Members of Parliament who all supported this legislation.

""The beginning of smokefree dining from Sunday marks a new and important chapter for our state,"" Mr Harper said.

""Victorians will be able to dine out without being irritated, annoyed or harmed by tobacco smoke.""

""The public wants smokefree dining, and the weight of evidence to support this is irrefutable - and that support appears to be increasing.""

The number of Victorians who support a total ban on smoking in restaurants jumped 7% to 53% in 2000, according to new research from the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria.

The research also found that only 5% of smokers favoured no restrictions on smoking.

Mr Harper said he was confident that Victorians would respond positively to the new legislation.

""It’s important to remember that it’s not just the 80% of the population who don’t smoke who support this move. Many smokers also support smokefree dining.""

""The hospitality industry has nothing to fear from going smokefree - and I’d urge all Victorians to celebrate smokefree dining by eating out next week.""


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Zoe Furman
Media Communications Manager
Quit Victoria

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