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New data reveals Australians in favour of plain packaging of cigarettes


New research shows plain packaging of cigarettes has the support of the majority of the Australian people, despite the tobacco industry's continued attempts to undermine it.

A 2011 Newspoll telephone survey of 1,200 adults has found while just over two in ten people (24%) disapprove of cigarettes being sold in plain packaging, almost six out of ten (59%) adults approve of the policy.

Quit Executive Director Fiona Sharkie said the survey showed Australians recognised the importance of making tobacco less attractive.

"Both international and Australian research shows stripping cigarettes of their branding and colour and putting them in plain packs will make cigarettes less desirable, especially to young people."

"The majority of Australians realise there should be nothing attractive about products that kill half of all long term smokers and 15 thousand people in this country every year."

Ms Sharkie said she was pleased to see three Liberal MPs, as well as crossbencher WA Nationals MP Tony Crook, have expressed their support for putting cigarettes in plain packs.

"The government and these opposition MPs who support plain packaging have the support of the Australian people."

"We encourage all MPs to put the health and views of the Australian people before politics by supporting this well-researched approach to making cigarettes less attractive to young people."

"Plain packaging is a key reform in our continued efforts to bring down smoking rates and stop young people taking it up. We should be doing everything we can to make smoking less desirable to young people."

"Cigarettes are not a normal consumer product, so let's not allow them to be packaged like one."

Jessica Longbottom,
Media Coordinator
ph: (03) 9635 5498
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