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Quitline anticipating a spike in calls to ring in the New Year


As many smokers prepare to start 2008 smokefree, Quitline is preparing for what is traditionally its busiest time of year.

The Quitline anticipates receiving over 5000 calls from people who want to quit smoking in the holiday season, with a further 50 000 people expected to log onto www.quit.org.au to find out how to begin the New Year smokefree.

Deputy Director of Quit Ms Suzie Stillman said the New Year is an ideal time for smokers unhappy to keep smoking to think about quitting.

"Research shows us that more than 4 out of 5 smokers are not happy to keep smoking and for many the start of a new year is the most natural time to make this significant lifestyle change part of their normal routine."

"Quitting smoking is perhaps the most important thing a person can do for their health, and this is the time when quitting is at the forefront of many smokers' minds."

Ms Stillman says it may be helpful for smokers to make the resolution to quit smoking on New Years' Eve and then set an actual Quit date for two weeks later, perhaps to coincide with returning to work.

"Making your Quit date two weeks into the New Year is often more realistic and can give you time to plan, however it is very important not to put it off for too long."

Quit's survival tips for the party season

  • Plan ahead for parties and take some sugar-free gum or lollies, and something to hold to keep your hands occupied. Don't be tempted to take along a few cigarettes ‘just in case'.
  • Too much alcohol can lessen your resolve. Make every second drink a non-alcoholic one.
  • Practise saying ‘thanks but I don't smoke' in case you're offered a cigarette. Think of yourself as a non-smoker.
  • Have a quitting buddy or non-smoking friend with you as support.
  • If you are tempted to have a cigarette, do something else, and remember the 4D's - Deep breathe, Drink water, Delay and Do something else.


Edwina Pearse,
Media Manager
ph: (03) 9635 5400
mob: 0417 303 811

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