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Cigarette price rise a good reason to quit


Victorian smokers are being urged to use tomorrow's cigarette price rise as an incentive to quit smoking.

Quit Executive Director Todd Harper says the rise in tobacco excise duty as a result of half-yearly indexation will see the price of cigarettes rise by about 1.9 per cent, or about 10-20 cents a packet from tomorrow.

Mr Harper says he hopes the price rise will give some smokers a good incentive to make August 1 their day to quit.

""This latest price rise will mean that an average 20 a day smoker buying cigarettes at the recommended retail price will now be spending almost $2,500 a year on cigarettes.""

""That money is better off staying in their hands than going to tobacco companies and Government coffers.""

The rise will means a packet of 25’s will set smokers back about $9, with larger packs of 50 cigarettes costing over $15.

Mr Harper said it could give some smokers a reason to reflect on what their smoking is costing them - both financially and personally.""

""Smokers who quit will not only saving money - they’ll also enjoy major long term and immediate health benefits.""

Mr Harper says smokers who would like free advice and support on how to quit smoking can call the Quitline on 131 848.


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Zoe Furman
Media Communications Manager
Quit Victoria

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