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Quit highlights public support for banning smoking in cars when children are present


The push to ban in smoking in cars when children are present has gained momentum, with Quit highlighting the tremendous public support for the idea.

As the political spotlight moves once again to the issue, Quit has sent a reminder to Government that research released in July this year revealed almost 9 out of 10 Victorian smokers think that smoking should not be allowed in cars when children are present.

Executive Director of Quit, Ms Fiona Sharkie, said the Victorian public were overwhelmingly in favour of smoking being stamped out in cars containing children.

"We are confident that a ban on smoking in cars with children will be largely self-enforcing given we have data available reflecting an exceptionally high level of public support for the idea."

"Removing second-hand smoke in cars when children are present is a natural extension of what we do in the car environment to protect our younger passengers, including seatbelt use and special fittings for child passengers."

Ms Sharkie said there is mounting evidence that the limited space of a car increases exposure to second-hand smoke.

"Children are particularly vulnerable to the considerable health risks of exposure to second-hand smoke, so it is very alarming when you think that being in a car with a smoking adult gives them a concentrate dose of second-hand smoke in a really confined area."

"Banning smoking in cars with children present is an important step in protecting children against the harms of second-hand smoke, given that children and babies are obviously unable to escape or move away from the poisons contained in cigarette smoke when in this situation."



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