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The Campaign 'Amputation' graphically highlights the link between smoking and peripheral vascular disease (PVD), which can lead to gangrene. The campaign, set in a hospital operating theatre, was the first instalment for Victoria in a series of advertisements developed around the introduction of graphic health warnings to cigarette packs in March 2006.

The 2012 digital campaign 'No More Hiding' was developed around the introduction of Plain Packaging in late 2012. The campaign aims to link the larger graphic health warnings which now appear on cigarette packs and  the ways in which smokers are defacing their cigarette packs in a bid to avoid pictures of gangrenous feet, wasted lungs and damaged hearts. 

The campaign also shows smokers attempting to pick and choose their graphic health warnings at the shop counter and features real feedback from smokers on the new packs.

For help to stop smoking 

An important part of the 'Amputation' campaign is making sure that you know you can get professional help to quit by phoning the Quitline on 13 7848. It is a confidential and non-judgmental service run by specially-trained professionals.

Quitline advisors provide callers with information on any aspect of giving up smoking. The Quitline can send free self-help materials and offers a free telephone call-back support service to help you through the quitting process.

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My update

So it has only been 2 months and a bit, but I know it is hard because my mum and dad are still smoking.

I do have to say that it is addictive but I have now got a life. I only turned 13, 2...

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