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Melbourne music-lovers prepare to free their lungs today, as the St.Jerome's laneway festival goes smokefree

Music-festival fans are set for a day of ‘free lungs' instead of ‘free love' today, as the St Jerome's Laneway Festival in Melbourne goes completely smokefree

Those attending the festival will not be able smoke anywhere within the festival grounds in what is believed the be a first for outdoor music festivals in Australia.

Quit has applauded the decision of the festival organisers to make the event smokefree, saying it will prove to be a popular move with punters - the majority of whom don't smoke.

Policy Manager at Quit, Kylie Lindorff, said given less than 20% of Victorian adults smoke it is only natural that the public prefer smokefree events.

"By electing to go smokefree in Melbourne the Laneway Festival is reflecting the idea that smoking, and smoky environments are simply no longer the norm for young people in Melbourne."

"There is a whole new generation of Victorians whose only experience of music venues in Melbourne has been without smoking, so it makes sense for music festivals to reflect this expectation for smokefree environments."

"Another tremendous positive about the Laneway Festival becoming smokefree is that it represents an alternative to other music festivals which allow the tobacco industry to use their events as promotional vehicles for their products. Bucking that trend puts the Laneway festival well ahead of the pack."

Ms Lindorff also said adopting a smokefree policy for the Laneway Festival also shows business savvy given the spike in patronage to venues across the State following the introduction of smoking bans.

Festival promoter, Danny Rogers, said the Laneway Festival is not about telling people what to do or how to live.

"Making our event smokefree is simply telling our beautiful attendees that we want them to be comfortable, that we want them to live long lives and that we can't bare the thought on the environment and the city, that butts leave behind."



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