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Mental Health Week - Quitting smoking



Did you know that people with a mental health diagnosis smoke at almost double the rate as the general population and suffer more death and illness because of smoking as a result?

This week is Mental Health week and Quit Victoria is helping to raise awareness of mental health and the importance of quitting smoking.

It is perceived that quitting smoking is extremely hard, if not impossible for those suffering from a mental health condition. This may be due to their higher levels of dependency and the habitual nature of smoking. However, recent research has shown smokers with a mental illness are just as motivated to quit as smokers in the general population - they're just not always being offered the support they need.

With the right preparation anyone can quit smoking. Click here for more information about quitting smoking with a mental condition.

Support from friends, family and health professionals have helped many people cut down or successfully quit smoking. Speak to a health professional or doctor to learn about the different quitting aids available and whats right for you. Since February this year, smokers can access an increased range of quitting aids for as little as $5.60 by getting a script from their doctor.

Alternatively, call the Quitline to speak to an advisor who is experienced in assisting those with a mental health condition. They can help you prepare to quit and provide ongoing support in conjunction with your doctor. You can also ask for an information pack with resources specifically for smokers with a mental health condition to be mailed to you free of charge. Click here for more information about ways to quit.


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