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New Year Resolutions

With the start of 2012 only weeks away, Quit is urging smokers who have kicking the habit on top of their New Year resolutions to put their plans on hold for a fortnight.

Quit’s Manager of Support Programs, Mr Luke Akin, said making the decision to quit smoking is a perfect way to start the New Year but suggested making your actual ‘Quit Date’ two weeks later.

“We absolutely encourage smokers to put quitting on their agenda this New Year and by making a ‘Quit Date’ a fortnight later you allow extra time to prepare. It means planning to go smokefree isn’t lost in the busy holiday season.”

“The overwhelming majority of smokers want to quit, and more smokers aim to quit at New Year than any other time. However often during this frantic and festive time of year people find it hard to quit and are easily tempted to continue smoking.”

“Using the two weeks after the New Year to put a plan to quit in place can really help you understand why you smoke and gives you time to set up some useful quitting strategies to give yourself a good shot at making a successful quit attempt.”

Mr Atkin said that smokers shouldn’t be too disheartened if an initial quit attempt in the holiday season doesn’t go as planned.

“If you are a smoker who has relapsed following a quit attempt don’t be too disappointed. The most important thing is that you want to quit. See this as a minor setback and not a failure, and plan to have another go as soon as possible.”

“It can often take multiple attempts to quit successfully, but services such as the Quitline are available to provide free support and guidance so no smoker ever has to feel on their own and without help.”

Luke Atkin is available for comment and interview about quitting smoking and tips for staying smoke free during the New Year period.

 To organise an interview please contact Edwina Pearse, Communications Manager on 0417 303 811    

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