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Tips to help smokers quit

If you're trying to quit smoking, here is a list if tips that can help you stay focussed and succeed for good.

  1. Within 2 hours there is no more nicotine in your blood.
  2. 40% of slip-ups occur in the first 3 days.
  3. Within 6 hours of quitting your heartbeat slows down and your blood pressure drops slightly.
  4. It is important that you want to quit and are confident you can succeed.
  5. Set your quit date on a day when you will not be under too much pressure and begin preparing.
  6. Think about when and why you smoke, and plan ahead for difficult situations.
  7. Confront your cravings with the '4Ds' method - delay, deep breathe, drink water and do something else.
  8. Without nicotine, your body absorbs more caffeine - try cutting back on tea and coffee.
  9. Ring the Quitline 13 7848 (13 QUIT) if you are experiencing troubles associated with quitting.
  10. Each craving only lasts a few minutes. Don't let this be the day that you blow it
  11. You will be less short of breath and your staying power will improve.
  12. Reward yourself with the money you've saved by buying a magazine or going out for dinner.
  13. You will be feeling and smelling fresher.
  14. Your taste buds will come alive and your sense of smell will return.
  15. If you've slipped up and had a cigarette - that's okay. Most people take 3 to 4 attempts before quitting.
  16. Quitting reduces the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, bronchitis, emphysema, stroke and asthma attacks.
  17. Change your routine so you don't automatically reach for a cigarette.
  18. At first, try to spend more time with your non-smoking friends.
  19. Put your cigarette money in a jar and save it as a reward.
  20. If you are feeling tense take a walk, jog, visit the gym or listen to a relaxation tape.
  21. Practise saying, 'No thanks, I don't smoke'.
  22. Stick to healthy snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on.
  23. Ask your family and friends to support you while you quit smoking.
  24. Find new activities and ways to use your increased energy.
  25. Avoid stressful occasions where there will be cigarettes available, particularly if there will also be alcohol around.
  26. When drinking alcohol try holding the glass in the other hand to help you become aware that things are different.
  27. If you are beginning to think that 'just one wouldn't hurt' try a diversion like a walk or call a friend.
  28. The most dangerous thought is 'I'll just have one'.
  29. You may feel as if you have lost a friend but really you have lost an enemy
  30. It is important to be clear about your reasons to quit, as these will motivate you to keep going.
  31. Remember the sooner you quit, the sooner you will feel the health and financial benefits.
  32. The moment you stop smoking your body immediately starts to repair itself.
  33. Your fitness will also start to improve.
  34. A slip up does not mean that you have failed. It is important to work how you can prevent it next time.
  35. Your skin and teeth will start to look better and your hair will get back its natural shine.
  36. A pack a day smoker can save around $3,000 after one year of quitting.
  37. Don't say, 'This is my last cigarette', say 'I'm not going to smoke today'. Take one day at a time.
  38. Most smokers quit on their own - thousands have done it - so can you!
  39. If you go cold turkey, get rid of your ashtrays, lighters and anything else that reminds you of smoking.
  40. As soon as you quit, call yourself a non-smoker.
  41. Most withdrawal symptoms only last two to three weeks, so hang in there.
  42. Drink lots of water.
  43. You will be offered cigarettes so practise saying NO and then reward yourself - you've earned it.
  44. Do some exercise to relieve your stress.
  45. Eat smaller meals more often, keep low fat and sugar free snacks ready to eat in the fridge.
  46. If you are drinking alcohol, choose low alcohol drinks and make every second drink non-alcoholic.
  47. The more times you try to quit, the better you get at it until you quit for good.
  48. Don't use a slip up as an excuse to go back to smoking.
  49. Remember that if you can quit for a day, you can quit for good!
  50. Quit with someone else and use each other for support when things get tough.
  51. Don't use the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as an excuse to go back to smoking.
  52. Brush your teeth immediately after your meals rather than smoking.

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