Quit Stalling

Quit Stalling
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So you’ve decided to quit stalling and quit smoking – congratulations!

Sometimes it helps to know how other people, smokers like you, have managed to kick the habit, so we’ve compiled some of the best tips that real ex-smokers have given us. Of course we also have a few tips of our own, and you can always call Quitline for free, confidential advice to suit you.

Janine's story

Whenever you do have a craving, give yourself a high five. I’m not going to give in to the nicotine addiction

Davina's story

I made plans to go straight to the gym as soon as I woke up, instead of going for the first cigarette and coffee

Buster's story

I'll eat a piece of fruit, or have a drink of water. I just do something different


I have been using patches which help.


Throw away lighters and ashtrays.


Take one day at a time. When the first day rolls over into the next, you are on your way!


I gave up coffee and alcohol and used mints to keep my mouth fresh and the cravings away.


Treat yourself at the end of each month with the money you would have spent on cigarettes.


I bought a large money tin and have been putting $20 away every day.


I took up a craft that I had always wanted to do with my cigarette money.


I started having hot water with lemon each morning instead of tea or coffee and made myself have a shower as soon as I woke up, no matter what.


Sit in a different place in the morning…you'll crave but keep focused and the cravings only last one or two minutes.


My biggest hurdle is driving without a cigarette in my hand. I drive all day long so chewing on mints and holding a pen in my hand seems to be working.


A night out on the drink was when I had started smoking again in the past - so I avoided that for a while.


I used the patches and rang Quitline for support.


Instead of smoking I would go for a walk or just talk to friends.


Every time I thought of a cigarette I did something else, like if I was watching tv and the thought was there I would go and make a cup of tea.


"…instead of smoking and drinking we are now doing long walks every evening and I have never felt so good."


The first day of my journey was the most important, I set small milestones. I told myself, don't smoke in the car for the hour long drive into work


"…find your inspiration, your passion that makes you want to quit. Whether it's someone you like, a trip you want to go on, family and/or friends you love, your health or just you!


I try to spend a bit more time doing things I would never normally associate with a smoke: bicycling, swimming, meditating, bit of exercising. I booked off work the first week.

Get ready checklist

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    Make a doctor's appointment

    Patches are available at a more affordable subsidised cost on prescription from a GP.

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    Call Quitline today.

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    Stick to your quit date

    If you have to change it, set a new date straight away.

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    Get rid of cigarettes the night before

    If you have some left in the house, destroy them - drown them in the sink. If you really want a cigarette, you’ll have to go the shops to buy them, this leaves more time to talk yourself out of it.

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    If you live with a smoker, talk to them about quitting

    It can help to tell them about your plans and get their support.

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    Plan your quit day

    What will you do first thing in the morning? Make sure you have water and healthy snacks on hand. If you plan to exercise more, make sure your equipment is ready. E.g. make sure your bike tyres are pumped, or you’ve got your gym gear ready.