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Even smokers agree: life’s better if you quit


Three-quarters of Victorian smokers agree that life would be better if they quit smoking, but more than half of those trying to quit did not use any form of proven quitting help, new research shows.

Rural and regional Victorians urged to go smokefree for 2017


Quit Victoria is encouraging rural and regional Victorians to butt out for a fresh start to 2017, as survey results show Victorians living outside Melbourne are more likely to smoke than those living in the metropolitan area.

Smokers think health harms overstated


One in three Victorian smokers believe the dangers of smoking have been exaggerated, Cancer Council research shows.

Health groups welcome new tobacco laws for Victoria


Leading Victorian health groups have welcomed new laws to bring waterpipes into line with other tobacco products, so that smoking them indoors will no longer be permitted from August 1 next year.

Ethnic leaders call on MPs to close waterpipes loophole in Victoria


Leaders from local African and Middle Eastern communities have joined other ethnic groups in calling for MPs to support a proposal before the Victorian Parliament to bring waterpipe use, sale and advertising into line with other tobacco laws.

Cigarette price rise another reason to quit


Quitline is preparing for an influx of calls ahead of a tobacco tax increase today, which will push the current leading brand of cigarettes to more than $26.

E-cigarette ads can trigger an urge to smoke in ex-smokers


Exposure to electronic cigarette advertising may increase former smokers’ desire to start smoking regular cigarettes again, new research has found.

Plain packaging the focus on World No Tobacco Day


World No Tobacco Day is the perfect time to quit smoking, as health groups around the world reflect on the devastating toll of death and disease caused by the addiction.

New Research: Smoking doesn’t discriminate when it comes to fertility


New research has confirmed that smoking is strongly linked to infertility for both parents – not just the mother.

Health groups welcome new e-cigarette laws for Victoria


Leading Victorian health groups have welcomed the Victorian Government’s move to tighten controls around electronic cigarettes, including banning sales to minors and preventing their use in smokefree areas.

Breaking bad habits the focus of new Quit campaign


The psychology of quitting is at the centre of a new Quit Victoria campaign designed to give smokers the strategies and tools to help them quit.

Review confirms plain packaging is cutting the smoking toll


Quit Victoria has welcomed the findings of a Federal Government review of plain packaging of cigarettes, which show the world-first laws are achieving their aims of improving public health.

Smokefree outdoor dining and drinking good for regional Victoria


Laws that make outdoor dining and drinking areas smokefree will encourage more families to visit cafes and restaurants in regional Victoria, Cancer Council Victoria research shows.

Smokefree outdoor dining and drinking good for business


Victorians expect to be able to eat and drink outside without being exposed to secondhand smoke and nearly three-quarters of a million of them will visit cafes and restaurants more often every year if smokefree outdoor areas are created, according to new research from the Cancer Council Victoria.

Plain packaging helping reinforce smoking risks among Aboriginal people


Aboriginal people have a greater understanding of the risks of smoking following the introduction of plain packaging of tobacco in Australia, new research shows.

Tobacco outlets near schools tempt students to light up


Non-smoking students are more inclined to be susceptible to smoking if there is a cluster of retail outlets selling tobacco near their school, prompting Quit Victoria to call for measures to limit cigarette availability.