Quit calls on pop star Colbie Caillat to cancel her performance at a concert sponsored by tobacco industry


Quit has called on Grammy award-winning artist Colbie Caillat to cancel her performance at an Indonesian music festival backed by the tobacco industry.

The singer/songwriter is headlining the Sayfestville music festival in Jakarta today and Saturday and the major sponsor is LA Menthol Lights.

The event is branded with the LA Menthol Lights logo, which appears in all promotional material for the festival.

Ms Caillat has been involved in several cancer fundraisers in the US, including youth cancer event Rock Against Cancer.

“It is very disappointing that that an artist of her calibre and fame would choose to be involved in such an unabashed attempt to promote cigarettes to young people, particularly young women,” Quit Support Program Manager Luke Atkin said.

“Smoking is the biggest cause of cancer and half of all long-term smokers will die of a smoking-related illness.”

“By agreeing to perform at this festival, she is a willing participant in the tobacco industry’s attempts to get even more young Indonesians addicted to this deadly habit.”

Indonesia has the third highest number of smokers in the world, surpassed by only China and India, which have five times Indonesia's population.

One-third of the population smokes, and over 3% of children ages 3-15 years are active smokers.

Mr Atkin said more than 425,000 Indonesians were killed each year from smoking-related illnesses.

“If Colbie Caillat is serious about supporting cancer prevention, she will refuse to be any part of an event sponsored by the tobacco industry,” he said.