Need extra motivation to quit this new year?


You may be able to look to the children in your life for inspiration.

A new study has found pre-schoolers exposed to second-hand smoke have elevated blood pressure, putting them at risk of ongoing cardiovascular problems and heart disease later in life.

Manager of Quit Support Programs, Luke Atkin, said it was a timely reminder for smokers.

"If you smoke, and you're a parent, it's vital you provide smoke-free environments for your children in the home and the car. By choosing to not smoke around children at all, you are making a priceless investment in the health of your kids"

Second-hand smoke has already been associated with a higher incidence of many health problems in children, including asthma attacks, meningococcal disease, pneumonia and SIDS.

This new study, published in Circulation, examined 4,236 preschool-aged children in Germany and found the children of smokers had higher blood pressure. 

This was still true even when the results of the five and six year olds were adjusted to take in other risk factors such as obesity.

Cancer Council Victoria research suggests four out of ten smokers still smoke around children, but promisingly most smokers are doing the right thing in their homes.

82% of Victorian smokers who live with a child under the age of 18 reported that they always or usually smoke outside.

"If you're really struggling to quit or are cutting down, then having a smoke-free home and car is a really important step," Mr Atkin said.

"However the absolute best thing you can do, for your own health and that of your children, is stop smoking."

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