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Ever noticed how certain things trigger your smoking? There may be specific situations which make you crave a cigarette more than usual. Triggers are usually linked to times when you used to smoke, like going out for a drink, getting stuck in traffic or stress.

Triggers vary from person to person, and so does choosing how to deal with them. Once you have worked out what your triggers are, you can use strategies, like changing your routine, to avoid and overcome them.

Thinking ahead and being prepared, is usually helpful. Fighting cravings and dealing with your triggers does get easier with practise.

Check out our list of common triggers to the right (or below if you're on mobile) – do any of these sound familiar? Click on your smoking triggers to get tips on how to beat them from other ex-smokers, or submit your own trigger and tip .

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6 weeks in

I decided to write this for all those that are preparing. I am now in my seventh week smoke free, after smoking for 35 years. I have one message for you: YOU CAN DO IT!

Every day is a...

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