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Out on the weekend for a drink, you’re probably thinking about having a smoke too. Drinking is a common trigger for many smokers. Though the cravings may be strong when you are first quit, they do get easier!

Make small changes to break your routine.

  • Try ordering a different drink, and holding it in your smoking hand.
  • Substitute every second drink with water.
  • Bring along something to keep your hands busy e.g. gum, phone, pen, stress ball, a straw...

How have you beaten the cigarettes when you’ve been out for a drink?

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Helpful tips from others

Deposit the money that you were going to use to purchase smokes into a separate savings account. I quit 3 months ago, and now have a savings account balance of $700. Just looking at the balance is an incentive to stay off the smokes.

Rick , MelbourneStar

I try and hang out more with my mates who don’t smoke.

Karl , CraigieburnStar

When I first quit I just avoided going out and drinking because it was too tempting to smoke. It’s a bit easier now but I’ve definitely got a way to go.

Mark , ReservoirStar


Real life stories

Determined this time

I’ve given up smoking many times in the past but it beats me when an incident occurs, and the smokes seem to take the stress away. But this time I’m at "war". I’ve spent 10 days...

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