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Parties and other social settings are often triggers for smokers, especially when they are around friends who also smoke.

To beat your cravings at parties:

  • Try hanging around your nonsmoker friends. Over time, turning down a cigarette will get easier.
  • Practise saying “No thanks, I’m not a smoker.”

How do you avoid your smoking cravings when you're at parties?

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Helpful tips from others

For a while I would drive to parties so I knew I couldn’t drink too much. Once I had a few drinks I knew I’d be on the smokes no matter what.

Jason , Ascot Vale WestStar

Don’t get drunk!

Jackie , Coburg Star


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Habit smoker

I have generally found it easy to stop smoking and can easily go without a smoke for days without actually trying to give up. Having a beer or a stressful situation quickly send me off to buy a...

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