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Smoking buddies

You know who they are: the usual suspects, always ready to join you for a smoko and a quick catch up.

When you first quit, it's common to feel pressure to smoke from your smoking mates.

To avoid the temptation to have a smoke with your friends:

  • Get a glass of water or make yourself a hot drink
  • Go for a quick walk around the block.

If you still want to join your friends while they're smoking, be prepared for a craving when you smell the cigarette smoke, or when you're chatting with them. You could try chewing gum or sipping some water as a distraction.

What do you do to avoid lighting up with your smoking buddies?

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Helpful tips from others

I asked my mates for support – told them not to offer me a smoke no matter what.

Raj , St Kilda EastStar


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