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Work breaks

Are you stuck in a pattern at work? Do you take a regular smoko as part of your standard workday routine? The workplace is a common place for triggers because smokers often take a smoking break at the same time, with the same people.

By breaking the habit you can start breaking down the craving. Instead of scheduling in another smoko, why not:

  • Organise an exercise session with your colleagues.
  • Listen to some music instead.
  • Grab a healthy snack or drink of water.

What do you do to help avoid the work break triggers?

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Helpful tips from others

Go out a for a yoga session helps to relax and calm down.

Rachael , GeelongStar

If it's sunny, I will go for a walk around the block.

Arjun , Geelong, via Facebook PostStar

It’s hard, but I try and just stay inside the building and read the paper or have a cup of tea or something so I’m not tempted to light up.

Shane , PrestonStar


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