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Quitting when your husband smokes

Quitting when your husband smokes

This is tough but i am so determined this time (yep im a well practised quitter). I don"t like the fact that my husband still smokes, but he isn't ready to give up yet. I miss our time together having a ciggie and chatting. But I am so determined to stay quit this time. With any luck he will take a leaf out of my book and throw the ciggies away to and then in a few months time we will be able to chat again, till then I guess i will be watching telly byt myself and he will be left to talk to the dog. PS I'm doing this cold turkey. I have decided I don't want any more chemicals in my body. OH yes it's only day 2. I will write on this every now and again to let you know how i'm going. Its one day at a time at the moment.

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