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Too much2live for

Too much2live for

I started smoking at 13.In 1989 smoking was ok.No one spoke of health issues.During pregnancy had no trouble quiting.I guess cos was4babies health rather than4me.Then after birth i'd start just as easily.I'm now 33.I have2sons who i'm proud2say hate smoking.They Tell me i'l die.Harsh reality but true.I had many yrs of unhappiness+guess I thought a cig helped.Would always kid myself by thinking when life easy il stop.What am i waiting4!2yrs ago i met the love of my life+still smoke.Am scared2think of all the yrs i've taken from my kids.Now is time4action.My friends mum has been waiting4lung transplant after almost fatal car crash caused by DRUNK DRIVER.She has suffered effects like a smoker and i feel so selfish that i ruin my lungs4no reason.My partner and i are on a mission.I want to live a long life together.Reading others stories has helped me feel WE can do this...LIFES TOO SHORT

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