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Never would have believed!!

Never would have believed!!

I had been a heavy smoker for just over 20 years. Started out smoking maybe a packet every few days and when I finally stopped I was smoking approx 30-40 per day. I had tried quitting a number of times with patches and lozenges but found I would go back and then smoke even more when I stopped the nicotine replacement therapy. I tried hypnosis 3 weeks ago. I had never considered trying it before and was a little sceptical about it. It cost me $250 and after I had finished the session I still felt it may have been a waste of money as I didn't really feel any different. Well 3 weeks later and I have not had a cigarette, no nicotine patches etc and feel great. I have drunk a huge amount of water as there is something in hypnosis session that must make your mind think of water when you want a cigarette. I am absolutely amazed that it has worked so far and feel heaps better already!!

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