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Quit smoking 9 months ago

Quit smoking 9 months ago

I have not had a smoke for nearly 9 months now which makes me feel terrific. One day I just decided that I am not going to be the mum who stands and watch their children play, I am going to play with them. (I know that sounds strange though I work full time and want to spend as much time with my daughter as possible who is now 18 months old - rather then being outside smoking) I also go to weight watchers so that has made it abit tougher. I was worried that I would put weight on and too be honest I did put 2 kilos on at 1st and then decided that I dont want to put weight just because everyones says that you will. I have maintained my weight and still losing it. I do still get the urge for a smoke although I find this is mainly when I am bored or getting tired so I try to do something else. (Dancing, painting, reading etc) or even just keep saying no for a few minutes by then I have found something to do and not too worried no more. I can't wait to get to the 1 year mark, I have told myself the whole way that I will do it rather then being undercided. I feel so much better as I am hoping to fall pregnant again soon with my 2nd. I just need to keep thinking that I can make it coz we can.

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