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20 Nov, 2015


Hi I'm at the 5th day smokefree.

Feeling like my insides are on the outside. I...

16 Nov, 2015

Giving up for good

I've had numerous attempts at giving-up smoking. But finally on the 12th of September...

16 Nov, 2015

Today has been hard

Hello everyone, I have been smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day for thirteen years. Today is...

9 Nov, 2015

Peace of mind

Hi everyone, it's been 26 months since I smoked my last cigarette!

There are some lovely...

4 Nov, 2015

Keep going!

Congratulations to all of you - keep at it! I am celebrating 10 months smokefree soon.

4 Nov, 2015

The two reasons I had to quit

The two reasons I am quitting:  

1. I can't afford to smoke

2. I found out I...

30 Oct, 2015

Do it!

I quit at 36 years old, after about four or five attempts. I knew that if I continued into...

26 Oct, 2015

I quit today!

I'm 65 years young and have been smoking since I was 20.

I had no cigarettes in the house...

12 Oct, 2015

With a strong belief it can be done!

I had my last cigarette on the 26/06/2014 after smoking 30 a day for 40 years.

I never...

12 Oct, 2015

7th day on champix

This is my 7th day on champix and I am planning my quit day on the 12th...

1 Oct, 2015

Nicotine fits are gone with the wind!

I picked up smoking about 4 - 5 years ago and it was so bad that I'd smoke pack a day. It was...

29 Sep, 2015

Getting rewards

Hello everyone, I'm very pleased to say I have stopped smoking for just over 2...

29 Sep, 2015

Straight now

My quit date is tomorrow and with a load of cessation help (ie: patches and inhaler,...

29 Sep, 2015

Just stopped

I am now on my 5th day not smoking.

I just stopped, I was at the pub and I...

24 Sep, 2015

My quit date: 2/10/2015

Hi there I'm an interstate truck driver and a heavy smoker. I smoke day and night -...

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