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28 Aug, 2015


I had been a smoker for 12 years and I'm now a non-smoker!

I haven't had a smoke for 2...

28 Aug, 2015

I thought it was lung cancer

I'm 36 and smoked on and off for about 12 years since I was 16. When my marriage started...

26 Aug, 2015

Let's Get Real Here

In four days time I will have been smokefree for thirteen months. I'm not going to give you...

24 Aug, 2015

Finally I gave up

I was addicted to smoking - I started when I was 16, now I am 40.  After 24 years finally I...

20 Aug, 2015


Hi everyone. On 22 October 2015 it will be 2 years since I had a cigarette. I have smoked on and...

17 Aug, 2015

9 days without smoking

I am 65 and have been smoking since I was 13. So far, I have gone 9 days without a cigarette -...

14 Aug, 2015

Day 3 Smokefree

I'm 27 and started smoking when I was 15. I've smoked 15-20 every day since I...

14 Aug, 2015

30 per day for 39 years

I started smoking when I was 12, then it increased to a average of 30 cigarettes per...

12 Aug, 2015

35 hours in

I have been smoking for 10 years on and off. I am now 35 hours into quitting.


12 Aug, 2015

Am I a non-smoker now?

It has been 26 months since I stopped smoking -  I haven't taken a single puff. I used...

10 Aug, 2015

Never give up trying to give up

I have attempted to quit smoking on five previous occasions. There have been various reasons why...

3 Aug, 2015

Mouth spray worked miracles for me.

My 70th birthday last June was my D-day to quit after 52 years of smoking a pack a day. I...

29 Jul, 2015

Scared for my life to have to quit

It's been one year, as of next month, since I quit smoking.

I started smoking at 13, and...

22 Jul, 2015

Feeling positive

Hi all, it has been nearly 23 months since I stopped smoking.

There are a number of...

13 Jul, 2015

Smoke Free

I smoked from a few a day in high school, up to a pack a day until I was 39. I had made 3...

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