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Everyone is different, but no matter who you are you can find a way to quit smoking. Browse through our real life quit smoking stories to find out how ex-smokers have kicked the habit.

You can submit your story through the link below or by emailing it to webquery@quit.org.au.

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27 Jan, 2015


I've been sick for about three years on and off. My doctor said I needed to quit, or I won't get...

21 Jan, 2015

Healthier and loving it

I just quit smoking (cold turkey) 18 days ago and I smoked for 16 year, about 10-15 cigies a...

21 Jan, 2015


I quit 10 days ago. Started smoking when I was 14 - now 37 and in past was not serious but that...

21 Jan, 2015

No more bills

Around 2 years ago I gave up smoking after 40 wasted years of it. Surprisingly it wasn't as hard...

16 Jan, 2015

40 year addiction

I started smoking early in my life and it became part of who I was. I have been very gifted with...

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