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30 Nov, 2015

All games come to an end

I started smoking at the age of 15. At first I kept telling myself I've got control, I'm just...

26 Nov, 2015

Feeling irritated

I am currently on my 5th day smokefree and I must admit the first 3 days were...

26 Nov, 2015

Smoker for 40 years. Now 56 days, 28min and 56 sec smokefree!

I started smoking when I was 16. and tried to give up in my 30's - but could never go without a...

20 Nov, 2015


Hi I'm now on my 5th day smokefree.

Feeling like my insides are on the...

16 Nov, 2015

Giving up for good

I've had numerous attempts at giving-up smoking. But finally on the 12th of September...

16 Nov, 2015

Today has been hard

Hello everyone, I have been smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day for thirteen years. Today is...

9 Nov, 2015

Peace of mind

Hi everyone, it's been 26 months since I smoked my last cigarette!

There are some lovely...

4 Nov, 2015

Keep going!

Congratulations to all of you - keep at it! I am celebrating 10 months smokefree soon.

4 Nov, 2015

The two reasons I had to quit

The two reasons I am quitting:  

1. I can't afford to smoke

2. I found out I...

30 Oct, 2015

Do it!

I quit at 36 years old, after about four or five attempts. I knew that if I continued into...

26 Oct, 2015

I quit today!

I'm 65 years young and have been smoking since I was 20.

I had no cigarettes in the house...

12 Oct, 2015

With a strong belief it can be done!

I had my last cigarette on the 26/06/2014 after smoking 30 a day for 40 years.

I never...

12 Oct, 2015

7th day on champix

This is my 7th day on champix and I am planning my quit day on the 12th...

1 Oct, 2015

Nicotine fits are gone with the wind!

I picked up smoking about 4 - 5 years ago and it was so bad that I'd smoke pack a day. It was...

29 Sep, 2015

Getting rewards

Hello everyone, I'm very pleased to say I have stopped smoking for just over 2...

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