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Everyone is different, but no matter who you are you can find a way to quit smoking. Browse through our real life quit smoking stories to find out how ex-smokers have kicked the habit.

You can submit your story through the link below or by emailing it to webquery@quit.org.au.

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29 Jan, 2015


Hi, I have been smoking for 30 years and decided to try to cut the habit. Done my starter pack...

29 Jan, 2015

Over 30 Years

...of daily smoking and right now, I'm celebrating 3 smokefree months -- 3 MONTHS!


28 Jan, 2015

Patches are the best

I smoked for over 30 years. I tried everything on and off the market. Nothing worked. I used the...

27 Jan, 2015


I've been sick for about three years on and off. My doctor said I needed to quit, or I won't get...

21 Jan, 2015

Healthier and loving it

I just quit smoking (cold turkey) 18 days ago and I smoked for 16 year, about 10-15 cigies a...

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