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19 Jun, 2007

30 days clean after 35 years

Today is day 30 smoke free after 35 years as a smoker!! I have the clear understanding that one...

17 Mar, 2008

Today is day 1

Today is day 1 my husband and i had our LAST smoke together last night about midnight, i am...

28 Jan, 2008

Smoking Does Not Define The Person I Am!

I am nearly 41 years old and have been smoking full time since I was 16 years old. I remember...

6 Jun, 2006


like everyone that comes onto this site will know why we are here, we all want what is best for...

30 Mar, 2010

Keep fighting it!

I'm 31 and am off the smokes after around 12 years. My smoking started when I joined the navy in my...

2 Mar, 2010

The Funeral of Nico

Today (Saturday27th February 2010) I attended a funeral with such mixed emotions. I would like to...

9 Jul, 2007

want to be smoke free

hi'my name is lesley i am 48 yrs old and have smoked since i was 14yrs old back then smoking was...

29 Aug, 2006

Cancer Cures Smoking

Well I am pleased that after 8 weeks I have been smoke free and after 18 years of being a smoker at...

7 May, 2007

Not too bad yet

Hi I've been smoking since I was 9 years old and I am now 43, I did give up once before for my 2...

16 Dec, 2007

Its Amazing I did it

I'm a medium heavy smoker started in 1999. I used to smoke daily 7-9 cigars and a daily alcoholic....

4 Mar, 2008

Day 1 down and I feel like

Day 1 down and I feel like crap. I felt good most of the day, then I started to feel quite dizzy,...

23 Mar, 2008

Time to help others kick the habit

Today marks 600 days of my being smoke free. Today I am ready to help you, the smoker, who is...

21 Jun, 2007

They will not control my life anymore!

tomorrow is 6 weeks since I quit smoking! I've been a smoker for roughly 8 years, and have...

15 Feb, 2009

The double-fold path to Enlightenment

I had been a smoker for around 6 years. At my worst I was smoking a pack of 25 a day... I often...

25 Sep, 2007

Second time round

Four years ago I got of the cigarettes for a year. Then god knows what happened, but I took a drag...

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