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5 Feb, 2009

It really does get easier!

Hi, I smoked from age 15 to 35. i quit smoking on Jan 1, 2009 and have not had even a puff since...

15 Feb, 2006

Quitting is the easiest thing i ever did

I was guilted into quitting. We had children. Smoking around them made me feel guilty, then my...

24 Apr, 2006

How I quit smoking

I used Nicotene gum to get rid of the initial physical habits, then weened myself off of the gum...

17 May, 2006

quitting and indigestion??

I quit smoking 9 weeks ago, this time for the last time!! I had five hypnotherapy sessions and...

22 Oct, 2007

Quitting Cig - almost 7 weeks

On wednesday morning it will be 7 weeks since I quit. It gets easier and easier. There are still...

29 Aug, 2006

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

People and most health professionals are skeptical about quitting through hypnotherapy but it does...

2 Jul, 2008

Quitline call-back service

I am so pleased to write and let you know that I have Quit smoking now for 5 months thanks to the...

14 Jan, 2008

Quitting Cigs 19 weeks

It has been 19 weeks since I had my last cigarette. I am now quite confident that I have had my...

24 Jul, 2007

Quitting when your husband smokes

This is tough but i am so determined this time (yep im a well practised quitter). I don"t like the...

16 Jan, 2015

Quitting Smoking

I got this habit at the in tenth grade. Firstly I assumed to take taste, but unfortunately there...

7 Feb, 2006

Quitting is too hard

I've tried a number of times to quit, but it's just too hard to do. If the government...

6 Sep, 2007

Quitting Cigs

My family and friends always told me I would never be able to quit. I always had several back up...

10 Dec, 2007

Football Coaches that Smoke around Children

I am very disapointed that three footy coaches at my local club smoke around children. There are...

14 May, 2007

Every time I decide to quit one of my smoking kids or their smoking spouse come to stay the weekend

I have tried to quit by elimination or reprograming my way of thinking and doing, got down to 1 per...

25 Jul, 2008

staying quit has awesome results!!

its been over 155 days, so that is around five months quit! i have completly adjusted to a...

17 Jan, 2007

I'm Quitting

i have tried to quit many times i gave up for 6 months but got stressed and started up again. i...

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