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Never give up


Never give up

Hi my name is Kim and I would love to tell everyone about my story. Like everyone else who got caught up with the smoking trap when they were a teenager, I have done it most of my life. But no one tells you not to stop or give up either. Maybe it's ‘cause we see them as a best friend who is always there for you no matter what. GOSH I was so wrong about that until one day I woke up and said to myself “I don't want to be a slave to these anymore”. I have been so very lucky not to have caught cancer, or anything else, from smoking. So now I have been on Champix and I'm going to say goodbye to those so called friends. Now I can say I love myself for giving it a go. I hope everyone who starts their journey thinks the same way too. Good luck to everybody and just remember you are not on your own :)

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