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I am over the worst of it


I am over the worst of it

I started smoking when I was 16 years old, thinking it was the "in thing" at the time and now I am 49 years old wishing I had never started in the first place. So I decided to give up in October 2013 when I found out I had to take a month's holiday in January 2014.

I looked at the holiday I was about to have in January as a real chance of doing something positive about the smoking and making a real effort to quit. I decided to write on a piece of paper ,the reasons I should give up and the reasons I should not give up. The reason I should give up far outweighed the reasons not to. I also deliberately told everyone in my family and many people at work I was also going to this or what I called it was "my special project". This made me even more committed to actually do and succeed at quitting for good.

So the day came when my holidays started and sure enough,the first thing I did was I threw what cigarettes I had left over in the rubbish bin. That was hard but also the best thing I could ever had done - I was now on my way. I also arranged to see my GP that same day to let her know this is what I was doing and plan tactics. She was very happy for me that I had finally decided to seriously do something about quitting.

The first few days were difficult to say the least but with the help of the patches and mouth spray I got through. I also was very busy looking for a new apartment to move into which kept my mind off the cigarettes. I got through my four weeks holiday a lot easier than I thought I would. Then I had to return to work which I knew would be the big test. I was really nervous about it but also upbeat at the same time to be able say to the people I had mentioned about "my special project" back in October 2013 I was going to give up that I had got through the first month. Everyone was really pleased for me and were and have continued to be very supportive, in fact I have inspired two other work colleagues to also at least try quitting.

I have now reached the two month mark as of last week. I have recently moved into a new apartment, my confidence levels are very high, my bank account is certainly a lot healthier and more importantly, I am feeling better - and people have noticed I look better. I contribute this to quitting smoking, it simply cannot be anything else.

I still have the occasional craving but I am now managing that a whole lot better. To put it simply, I believe I am truly over the worst of it and I actually don't miss cigarettes now like I first did. I am also very proud of my achievement as this was a decision I undertook on my own without any outside influences. Even though there is and most likely still be the odd temptation to have a cigarette especially in a stressful situation, I just think about all the hard work I have put in to quit and what the rewards have so far been for me, any thoughts of taking the smoking habit back up are quickly diminished.

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