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Focus on a better you!


Focus on a better you!

I started when I was 20. Not sure why - I held onto the packet for a week until I was with a group of people who smoked so I lit one.

I gave up the first time when I became pregnant with my first child at 24.That was easy because my body just rejected it straight away.

I started up again at 27 when a friend offered me a cigarette to help reduce the stress. I think back now to how stupid that was. I didn't give up again until I was 30 but, this time I gave up by smoking herbal rose cigarettes which were a lot cheaper as well and within 2 weeks I wasn't smoking at all for 8 years.

I went to the gym, swam at 6am. I had more energy to run and walking up stairs became easy. I took on a lot more and was happier. One of my friends invited me out to a pub and at first I said "No, I don't go to pubs, because I don't drink or smoke." 

Every week she asked and I lit up. I have been smoking now for 3 years and I'm going to try and give up for good this time with focus and determination. I brought some smoking aids to help and I'll be trying those. However herbals were probably the best. Wish me luck and I hope this helps others too to give up.

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