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I got a Harley


I got a Harley

I have been smokefree for 1 year and 304 days. I quit using a variety of methods as this was IS my final attempt.

1. Stopped alcohol for a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks into it.

2. Used patches for about a month.

3. Used Quitline, looked forward to the phone ringing on a Tuesday night.

4. Downloaded some stupid free games onto my phone and played them when I felt like failing (still play them).

5. Put the 'Smokefree' app on my phone, still get a reminder every night at 7pm to say well done.

6. This is the big one: on the 'Smokefree' app it says I have 'saved' $12,800+ and it is not in my account. So I bought a Harley-Davidson as a piggy bank. I pay it off weekly and the money is now being 'invested'

Good luck folks- I am loving my new life after a 36 year addiction!

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