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My journey


My journey

I gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and I am happy that I did! I am proud of myself too, as I had been smoking for 42 years. I am 59 years old now, so it's been a long time. I still don't feel the benefits of quitting I am tired, irritable,coughing, I feel a bit lost and I don't mix much anymore with my smoking friends. I feel that if I socialise with them, there would be a temptation for me - I hope to move on from that feeling but until then I'm staying away.

My skin if anything is not glowing my skin is itchy and face a little puffy I also have a few aches and pains, which seem to be more amplified since quitting I guess I abused my body for so long I need to hang in and give my body a chance to recover. It is so good and helps me a lot to read other people's journey through the life of giving up the ciggies. So thank-you and I will stay strong and hope you do too!

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