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The nurses know best


The nurses know best

I started smoking as a kid, at the age of 14, up until 14 months ago. That's been 35 years of smoking cigarettes. They were such an extension of me that I never imagined I could quit. I never really tried to quit either. But being a nurse, I felt like a hypocrite at times. I would preach to people about quitting but I smoekd. A colleague once told me that I would need a fright or a scare in relaiton to my own health before I would give up smoking. I thought that she was rude at the time but I've never forgotten that statement. Because it happened to me. 

I was diagnosed with pneumonia last winter and hospitalised for over a week. During that time, I contemplated my future. The risk of not being able to breathe, the risk of COPD, PVD, heart or lung failure. I vowed to never light up again. I spoke with my respiratory nurse, I joined a cessation clinic. 

I focused on my will power and used patches. I feel fantastic. I've been cigarette free for 7 months and I have no intention of smoking again. You can do it! Just ask for help, it's out there. And it's so worth it!


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