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Dust yourself off and try quitting again

Quitting smoking can be hard. Most people who quit make numerous attempts. With each attempt you get a little closer to quitting for good.

Started smoking again? Relapse is a normal part of stopping smoking. In fact, research shows people try up to 30 times before quitting for good.

Be proud of yourself for going smoke free, even if only for a few days. Every cigarette you didn’t smoke is a win – a moment when you beat the habit and the addiction.  

If you feel ready to try quitting again then go for it! If not, work on rebuilding your motivation and give it another go when you’re ready. But remember, there’s no such thing as the perfect time to quit!

Getting your motivation back

What made you want to quit? Was it family, money or your health? Go back to your original reason and think about why it is so important to you. You might want to write it down and keep it in your wallet/ purse or put it on your fridge as a reminder for when things get tough. 

Do you need more assistance? Because it’s out there!

Did you try quitting cold turkey last time, or using a nicotine patch or mouth spray? There are different types of nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) as well as prescribed tablets that can help take the edge off cravings and withdrawal symptoms – so if one didn’t work, don’t worry, there are other options to try. Talk to your health professional about the best option for you. Did you know the best way to quit is to use stop smoking medications as well as talking to a Quitline counsellor? Or request a Quitline callback.

Lessons learnt

Each time you quit, you learn more and become better at it.  Do any of these common scenarios look familiar to you?

Scenario 1: "I gave-in to constant, strong cravings or felt restless and irritable."

Talk to your doctorNicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or prescribed stop smoking tablets can take the edge off these cravings. If you are using stop smoking medications, it's important that you are using them correctly including for long enough. 

Scenario 2: "I was stressed out, I really needed a smoke!"

Try: Managing stress is a challenge. Deep breathe, walk, meditate, drink water, get a massage, be kind to yourself and use your savings to do something you enjoy.

Scenario 3: "I allowed myself to have one, and now I’m back smoking."

Try: See yourself as a nonsmoker and find something to keep the hands busy.

Scenario 4: “I was gaining weight so I started again”

Try: We have plenty of tips to help manage your weight while quitting. 

So where to from here? It’s up to you – but remember when you feel ready, Quit is here for you. 

Last updated June 2022.

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