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How smokefree spaces can help you stay quit. Smokefree Victoria Map

Did you know Quit has an interactive smokefree map which shows all the different types of public spaces where smoking and vaping is banned by legislation in Victoria?

Did you know Quit has an interactive smokefree map which shows all the different types of public spaces where smoking and vaping is banned by legislation in Victoria?  

But how can smokefree spaces help you stay quit? 

And how are local communities ensuring their public spaces are smokefree for everyone to enjoy? 

The things we do, the places we are in and the people we see can make us want to smoke. Drinking your morning coffee, eating a meal out or catching up with friends you use to smoke with can be triggering situations

Smokefree spaces can be used in your quitting strategy as to not expose yourself to cigarettes or smoke. This can be done by ensuring the places you frequent for work, eating out and catching up with friends are smokefree. 

Smoking and vaping are banned in a number of public spaces; however, some local councils are taking further action by creating smokefree environments that extend beyond what is required by law. 

The Mornington Peninsula Shire (The Shire) is a shining example of how close collaboration between local community and government can fill the regulative gap to limit outdoor secondhand smoke and e-cigarette aerosol exposure and reduce cigarette butt litter. 

The Shire saw a gap in the current smoking regulations, leaving the community exposed to secondhand smoke and cigarette butt litter on their beaches. There were also concerns around patrons’ exposure to secondhand smoke while enjoying outdoor dining.

The Shire teamed up with Peninsula Health to trial extending smokefree zones throughout the Shire over ten months. The zones included three foreshores, a recreation centre, Main Street in Mornington, a popular beach, and the Shire offices. In addition, new cigarette butt bins were placed throughout the trial zones, and the Shire provided smokefree signs to cafes and restaurants offering outdoor street dining.

The results?

The results are clear. The Shire found there was overwhelming community support for extending the smokefree zones, with locals listing the benefits and thoughts:

"I am very pleased to learn you have started to introduce a smoking ban to some areas of the peninsula and look forward to you hopefully extending the ban to all areas."
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