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The power of calling yourself a non-smoker

So you've quit and had a few slip ups. Embrace the non-smoker in you!

A non-smoker is someone who has no real use for cigarettes in their life.

You've battled some strong cravings and tough situations. That’s a real achievement! 

Stay on your toes, especially if you've had a few slip ups. It’s actually not uncommon to go back to smoking, down the track, after you’ve started to master the daily cravings. Stress or a crisis can hit, and often it comes out of the blue. Some people have a smoke out of curiosity. 

Once you’ve been quit for a few weeks: 

  • If you can name it – “I’m a non-smoker” – you’re more likely to stay quit. 
  • Focus on the good things about quitting: more money, more control, more time
  • If you feel something’s missing, challenge how good a “friend” the cigarette was (most people find that the cigarette was quite a backstabber).  
  • Revive a hobby or start something new: a new language, musical instrument, sport, blog, backyard project or craft
  • Set up an emergency stress plan e.g. to call a friend or call Quitline or request a Quitline callback.
  • If you feel like smoking, call it a memory rather than a craving
Better lifestyle
Feeling defeated
I've only had a puff or two
Regain control

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