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Gearing up and getting quit!

There's never a perfect time to quit, but motivating yourself and getting ready to quit can make it feel like the right time.

Get ready to start unlocking the benefits of quitting, because as soon as you kick the habit your body starts repairing.

Here are a few things you have to look forward to which will get you ahead of the pack in no time:

  • Breathe easier
    It's touch to be out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs. Or trying to keep up with your little one. Soon after stopping smoking, your lungs will be healthier and you’ll breathe easier. 

  • Fewer sick days
    A little-known fact about quitting smoking – the day you quit your immune system starts to repair! You will be able to fight off the common cold quicker. You'll also cough and wheeze less.

  • Smell the roses
    Within a week your sense of smell begins to improve, along with your sense of taste. Who can say no to food tasting and smelling better?

  • Youthful skin
    After quitting the health of your skin improves. You face will show less signs of smoking-related premature aging.

  • And don’t forget the enormous potential financial savings!
    Quitting a pack-a-day habit could save around $9,000 in a year! 

Don’t let smoking hold you back from your dreams of getting fitter and healthier. Give Quitline (13 7848) a call or request a callback to talk to a Quit Specialist to support you with strategies, tips and personalised advice to help you quit.

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